Treetop Flyers live video of ‘Houses are Burning’ on USA today

We can’t wait until Treetop Flyers make their trip to America later this month! They’ll be playing Los Angeles and New York- get your tickets before it sells outs!

“The ‘Houses Are Burning’ live video, which is premiering at USA Today, was filmed in a warehouse in Leeds, England, by The Blind Club, a production company that also has done videos for Kiwanuka, Jonathan Wilson and others.”

Their debut album, The Mountain Moves will be out June 25th- pre-order your copy here

USA Today video:
TTF Tickets: http://www.partisanrecords.com/artists/treetop-flyers/events/
Pre-order: “http://www.partisanrecords.com/catalog/the-mountain-moves1(http://www.partisanrecords.com/catalog/the-mountain-moves1)”: http://www.partisanrecords.com/catalog/the-mountain-moves1

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