Christopher Denny is back!

Hear Chris’s cover of My Morning Jacket’s “Bermuda Highway” off the Partisan Summer/Fall sampler first at NPR

“Five years ago, a listener looking for a lonesome song anywhere near Arkansas might have heard a voice she still can’t forget. Christopher Denny was 23 when he released Age Old Hunger, introducing the world to a high Southern warble that doesn’t defy gravity so much as play with the tension that force creates – an androgynous, time-jumping instrument. Denny was learning to control his singing then, a process he says is more about instinct than craft. “I have to say… it’s a feeling,” Denny wrote of his voice in a recent email. “If I’m not feeling it, I have less control. On the other hand, if I try to control it, I lose the feeling. I know when I hear someone feeling it because it is so real that it touches me. Tone becomes secondary.” –NPR

His new album will be out in Spring 2014


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