Dismemberment Plan play Terminal 5 tonight! Village Voice Show preview

Village Voice:: How do you feel about your upcoming tour?
Travis Morrison:: Great. I’ve been trying to think of a word for it because it’s not quite a tour. Weekend warrior is the most depressing image in the world. When I hear the phrase “weekend warrior” I think of white tube socks, and none of us are wearing white tube socks. Someone suggested “limited engagement,” and I love it. It sounds so Liberace. It implies that we’ll be flying into a lot of the shows, and that we own the plane, and we’re really fucking wealthy. So, we have some limited engagements. I’m really excited. I love, love, love playing live and being onstage.”

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Catch them tonight live at Terminal 5 – New York!

Buy tickets for Terminal 5 tonight: http://bit.ly/1alV9wT


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