Eagulls are Refinery29’s Sound Stars

Eagulls Prove Pure Punk Is Alive & Raw

“In our mile-a-minute music landscape, it’s easy to lose sight of old-school values like working-class punk and no-nonsense DIY. Luckily, Leeds-based act Eagulls is all too happy to remind us. With early singles like “Nerve Endings” and raucous covers of The Mekons and Killing Joke, the band thrashes through its songs with the fury and dynamism of early Dischord Records and Steve Albini productions. (Those hoping for an interview with some milquetoast Californians will be sorely disappointed.) To a world accustomed to faux-’80s sheen and pre-fab reverb, Eagulls offer an aggressive and — some would argue — much-needed refresher in true-grit rock ‘n’ roll. We caught up with singer George Mitchell to talk his recent trip to New York, being the odd man out, and winning over audiences show after show.”

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