The Dismemberment Plan stripped down version of ‘Daddy Was A Real Good Dancer’ for Esquire Live Sessions

“To see The Plan play is to be completely immersed in a physical and audio experience. Singer Travis Morrison moonlights as a member of an Episcopal choir, and the vocal range is immediately apparent, as he goes from choir boy to screaming alongside the band’s frenetic, pop-punk-funk-jam style, while everybody, literally everybody, is screaming and dancing along with them. We caught up with Travis recently for a special performance of “Daddy Was a Real Good Dancer,” from the new album, and to talk about getting old, getting the band back together, and hip-hop holograms.” –Read the full interview over at Esquire

Esquire Live Session of Travis Morrison performing ‘Daddy Was A Real Good Dancer’ off Uncanney Valley (out 10/15)


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