Fuck Deer Tick feat. Kirsten Dunst, Conan O’Brien, Artie Lange, Channing Tatum, Bryan Cranston, Wyatt Cenac, Billy Bob Thornton ++ SO MANY MORE!


Watch the full video via Noisey

Join Channing Tatum, Bryan Cranston, Dave Hill, Wyatt Cenac, Billy Bob Thornton, Conan O’Brien, Artie Lange, and many others to help join a truly important cause, screaming “Fuck Deer Tick” as loud as you possibly can.  Share your best Fuck Deer Tick video and tagging it with #fuckdeertick on twitter or instagram.  Winners will receive:

 1st prize – Fuck ‘[Your Name Here]’ from Deer Tick + Ltd Sky Blue Edition Vinyl + CD + signed poster + pennant + tickets to 2014 headlining show
 2nd prize – Ltd Edition Sky Blue Vinyl + CD + signed poster + t-shirt + pennant
 3rd prize – Negativity Vinyl + CD + signed poster


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