Dismemberment Plan does Daytrotter


  1. Welcome to Daytrotter
  2. Invisible
  3. Lookin’
  4. Daddy was a Real Good Dancer
  5. City

“There are many instances on “Uncanney Valley,” where you know that you’re older, where you know that the men who make up The DPlan are older. There are more moments where the tiny slivers of happiness are more prominent, even in a song like “Daddy Was A Real Good Dancer,” where a young man put away his dancing shoes to provide for his kids. The record’s final song, “Let’s Just Go To The Dogs Tonight,” is a little about throwing everything to the wind — in a sense admitting to all attempts to beat the system as being feeble — but even more about taking hard times in stride and saying, “Fuck it,” more often, knowing that the chapters are long.” -Daytrotter

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