Guardian’s New Band of the Day – Ages and Ages!

“Expect, on Divisionary, gang harmonies, handclaps, chant-worthy choruses and the sound of secular worship. Light Goes Out has a catchy first section that sounds like Foster the People goosing Polyphonic Spree behind the pulpit while the vicar has a crafty fag before vespers. The second section is like Roadrunner by the Modern Lovers as performed by a Seventh Day Adventist Choir. I See More is what might have happened had the Byrds had their brains swapped overnight by the Monkees, with a typically reassuring refrain of, “It’s all OK, I’ll be on your side.”
No Pressure is Cecilia by Simon and Garfunkel, updated. Some people will loathe these campfire singalongs, will consider them examples of insufferably cute and cuddly folkadelia, will wilt before their rousing, feelgood vibes and tub-thumbing positivity. But stay with it till the single Divisionary (Do the Right Thing), because its slow-building anthemia will surely win you over. “Do the right thing,” it urges, “Don’t you know you’re not the only one suffering?” A self-help manual in song form, it’s three minutes of indie pop balm, Blur’s Tender multiplied by Instant Karma and Hey Jude. It’s Joyous Divisionary, is what it is.” –Guardian

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