Fred Armisen includes Holy Sons in his cult music picks for Entertainment Weekly

“I was exposed to them first through their video of “A Chapter Must Be Closed.” Coincidentally, I think it was shot in Portland. I think it’s from an independent film about Portland. But this song and the album defy categorization. It’s melancholy but without being too bittersweet. It’s hard to describe why I like it, but “A Chapter Must Be Closed” is just an incredible, great, great song. This album – I just love it. I expected that everyone would know about it. You know when something comes out and you just assume everyone knows? And I guess I don’t know the success of it. Maybe it did great. I remember personally listening to this song as my time at SNL was coming to an end. It was a very direct lyrical inspiration. I thought about chapters closing. By the way, it’s not a sad thing. It’s a happy thing. It means there’s always another chapter. You have to go on to another thing.” -Fred Armisen

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