The Dismemberment Plan was Stereogum’s #1 best thing on Saturday at Coachella!

“They played like a band that only gets together every so often, which they are. They didn’t come to Coachella as would-be conquerers. Yet despite a few minor flubs, they did conquer Coachella last night, at least for the tiny congregation that assembled to bear witness. The classics clicked as ever, buoyant and full of reckless abandon. But the new material connected too, imbued with a swagger that didn’t quite come across on the record. I onceput it this way: “Eventually, you don’t even notice the unusual turns of a song like ‘Gyroscope,’ you just get lost in the propulsive pace and Morrison’s masterful storytelling.” That rang true last night. The Plan continued to majestically and spastically tap into human frustration and elation, and those of us who witnessed it couldn’t help but get swept up in it. I only wish there were more of us.” –Read the full article over at Stereogum

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