FREEMAN talks sobriety and the making of his new record with Newsweek

Aaron Freeman, as his family calls him, has relocated to Woodstock, New York, where he has spent time sobering up and teaching at a music school for kids. Out of those experiences emerged Freeman, his first LP of original post-Ween songs, slated for release in July. It’s a disarmingly sweet set, full of lush vocal harmonies and emotional pleas that bear much of Ween’s melodic gift but none of its juvenile smirk. It’s also unflinching in its lyrical concerns. The first and best track, “Covert Discretion,” addresses a 2011 onstage meltdownin Vancouver, British Columbia, where Freeman was effectively too wasted to perform, and exorcises a flurry of other Ween-related demons. In it, Freeman affirms his decision to shutter that book: “Man, you’ve got to end this / Just walk away / Your money or your life.” –Newsweek

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