WNYC Soundcheck is addicted to Sylvan Esso’s “Coffee”

“Hi, my name is Katie Bishop, and I’m a song addict.

As a producer at Soundcheck, I hear a lot of music. I watch videos… I download track samples. I stream new singles on Soundcloud. I hear bands playing in our studio. I occasionally take the time to remove the shrink wrap off of a CD and pop it into my CD player. But most of the time, the music I hear just washes over me. I make a snap judgment about it, decide whether I like it or not — and I move on.

Except for when I don’t.

For the past two months, I’ve been stuck on one song — Sylvan Esso’s “Coffee”. And by that I mean that I play this song over and over, several times a day — sometimes even on repeat.”

Welcome to our office, Katie.

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