CMJ Reviews PHOX’s debut album

The most exciting part about PHOX is that they, unlike hordes of others in their genre, have not offered an LP that feels like a mass of songs that ultimately become an indiscernible heap of softly strung folk jams. Rather, each track is its own isolated island of standouts that, together, sound similar, sure, but not blandly identical. This becomes most evident on the standout, Slow Motion, that comes complete with whistling, banjo picking and occasional twinkling refrains. The song is the perfect encapsulation of their overall inviting attitude: by existing at their own preferred pace, PHOX’s wonderful inability to conform to anyone else’s standards is what forces listeners to slowly digest their subtly multi-layered sounds. PHOXmay be self-sufficient enough to do without your love, but it certainly deserves it. –Read the full review via CMJ

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