Fader Feature || Christopher Denny

“Another Country: The Uncompromising Arkansas Badass Christopher Denny”

Christopher Denny opens up to The FADER about the trials and tribulations that came with the making of his new record, “If The Roses Don’t Kill Us”

At its most pained, Christopher Denny’s bone-rattling tenor sounds like an eensy little man crying out, roasting on a spit in hell. At its most joyful, his singing voice resembles the shaky squeal of winning the lottery, or love. It’s been seven years since Age Old Hunger, the Little Rock native’s debut album at age 23, and a lot of hard living in between. In the pour of addiction, he slid just about completely off the map, briefly reemerging a few years back to record and scrap an album, then disappear again into homelessness. These days he’s clean—it was, supposedly, a condition for Partisan Records to release his sophomore LP, If the Roses Don’t Kill Us. The record comes out in about a month, on August 5th, before he heads out on tour “forever.” –FADER

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