Happy Release Day || PHOX

Happy Release Day to our beautiful PHOX! So proud to be releasing PHOX’s debut album.


iTunes: www.smarturl.it/PHOX
Amazon: www.smarturl.it/PHOX_Amazon

“Monica Martin, the lead singer of Phox, usually sounds so blithe and nonchalant that it takes a while to notice how her songs teeter amid reassurance and anxiety, companionship and betrayal. “You may taste the salt that rolls off my cheekbone,” she sings in “Slow Motion,” “but you don’t know why I cry.”

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Phox was formed by six small-town high school friends from Baraboo, Wis., who started the band while sharing a house in nearby Madison. Ms. Martin writes lyrics and melodies; the whole band collaborates on the music, which has the amiable lilt and handmade eccentricity that find a welcome in college towns. There’s a touch of Dave Matthews in the acoustic syncopations of the music, and a larger dollop of Feist, both in Ms. Martin’s airy sustained vocals and in meticulous arrangements that can start out sparse but suddenly seem to gather a houseful of musicians.” –NY Times

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