Deer Tick + PHOX share their tour essentials with Paste

Guess who chose the following::
1. MSM Pills – My hair is thinning in the front, and that is just not natural for a rock n’ roller!

2. Shaving Kit – Badger hair brush by Art of Shaving, DOVO hanging strop, DOVO straight razor. It’s fun to pamper myself about once a week if I can find the time. Straight razor shaving feels pretty zen. It puts me in a good head space.

3. Remembering the Kanji by James Heisig – I’ve found this book to be very helpful for self-studying Japanese. Heisig uses storytelling at first to help you remember the keyword and stroke order for each character, then he encourages you to use your imagination more as you progress through the book.

4. Wedding Ring – Sorry ladies. (Pictured)

5. My ugly golf shorts by Duck Head – They are incredibly comfortable, unlike touring. (Pictured)


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