Video premiere || PHOX – ‘Kingfisher’

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“Crickette. You have some heavy stuff you’re carrying around with you and so do I. So do we all. Matt’s a calypso-cat drummer and I’m blind to myself. J-Sean heaved in too much helium to sing good and Pep and Dave are worshipping donuts in the river where the current is strong. I wish jellyfish could swim in the air. Maybe if they could swim in the air then he’d love you like you imagined him. Maybe we’d all get what we saw at night. Probably not. Well at least its easier to carry heavy things around with all six of us. Six broken hearts are like one good heart. I guess its fine if jellyfish can’t swim in the air or that Kingfishers can’t fly underwater. Probably best to keep eating our daily bread and try to make today into some kind of dream.”

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