Christopher Denny || The Bluegrass Situation Interview

“The record itself feels like a sort of lifeline, as the layers of desperation, helplessness, courage and redemption shine through the story-songs like the title track. On “If The Roses Don’t Kill Us” the old urge to pack it all up and flee feels masked in a honky-tonk, ragtime overlay.

“The songs that are the most powerful to me are the ones that just come out,” he said of the track. “I get to listen to that song from a listener’s perspective, from a place of like ‘whoa, I don’t have a meaning for it when I listen to it.’ I’m building my own meaning as well.”

This idea resonates upon repeated listens through the album, Denny’s nuances explode binaries on tracks like “Happy Sad” and “Love Is A Code Word” digging into the deeper, messy complexities of daily life. These songs come from the a man who has been to hell and back, realized a dream, lost it, and regained it.

“It feels both like a debut and a fourth or fifth record,” Denny says of the new album. “I never want to take away from Age Old Hunger, and to this day, that’s still my favorite song that I ever wrote. But I do feel in a personal way, this has to sort of be my debut record, I have to feel like a new person coming out of the gate.” -Read the full interview via The Bluegrass Situation

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