PHOX & Field Report || Madison vs Milwaukee?

We’re lucky enough to have two amazing Wisconsin bands on our roster – PHOX and Field Report. Milwaukee Record examines the rivalry and disconnect between Madison and Milwaukee. 

“Do I think Phox will lead to a new renaissance of Madison bands who decide living in Madison is preferable to moving to a place with more venues, more money, and maybe more national exposure? No. I don’t even expect them to be Madison residents this time next year, and that’s okay. That’s part of living here. I think it’s great that Partisan Records has somehow plucked the two best bands from each city’s music scene, and I hope there will be some national package tour with Phox and Field Report (shouts to Travis Whitty, another Oshkosh ex-pat) where people around the U.S. can realize we’re a state with two cultural centers. I think more interchange of bands between our two cities can only be positive; the Madison bands I love that I doubt could play anywhere else should want to road test in Milwaukee, while those bands that have dominated your scene locally for a decade should try captivating a crowd of old people and children on the Terrace.” –Read the full interview at Milwaukee Record




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